Our Specialities

Essendon Plumbing Services has been servicing Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail clients across Metropolitan Melbourne for over 30 Years. Established in 1984 we have always strived to be a leader in the Plumbing Service Industry with not only expert plumbing services, but outstanding customer service to boot.

Our experienced team of likened and highly skilled professionals are supported by our head office administration team, who work hard to ensure that every project we undertake is delivered on time and to budget. From simple to complex projects, we excel at service delivery that is second to none.

We offer a range of services and will always do our best to tailor the solution whatever your needs. Some of our more common jobs are outlined below, however we encourage you to contact us to discuss jobs outside the scope outlined below and we will always do our best to assist.

Residential Plumbing

We offer cost effective plumbing solutions for a range of residential plumbing needs, from something as minor as a dripping tap or the inconvenience of no hot water.

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Commercial Plumbing

We work with a wide range of commercial clients across the healthcare, aged care, child care, government, private education and schools and hospitality industries.

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Industrial Plumbing

We work with a range of industrial clients, including business park properties, super fund property groups, retirement living and commercial property managers.

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Retail Plumbing

If your shopping centre needs a reliable and dedicated plumbing service to make your retail space run smoothly and efficiently, our experienced team can help.

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